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The Institute of Information Systems from the University of Hamburg is organizing three maritime workshops together with the University of Southern Denmark and Bielefeld University that aim to bring together researchers and practitioners to foster collaboration in maritime shipping with a special focus on the Baltic Sea region.

We will discuss current challenges within the maritime supply chain and merge the most urgent topics into fields of action needing further elaboration. Eventually, we will have new project ideas, means of future collaboration and even proposals for funding. We want you as a participant!

Each of the three workshops has pre-selected topics that we have selected as important driving forces. These topics should not be understood as limits, but as teasers for discussion.

Here is the webpage with of the project and for the three workshops:

The workshops are sponsored by the Landesforschungsförderung Hamburg within the funding tool of building international research collaborations. The participation is free of charge.

Register today for the first workshop in Hamburg:

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