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Minutes from the DORS General Assembly – 16/3-18

Presenter: Michael Lindahl (President elected)

Minutes: Niels-Christian Fink Bagger

I.      President’s Annual Report

  • The president presented the report
  • The report was mutually accepted

II.     Finances

  • Dario Pacino guided through to describe the finances
  • Questions asked:
    • If we spent 44k more than income how can it be a zero sum?
      • Not all company members have payed yet, so when the money comes in from them, the sum if roughly zero.
    • Do we pay to be a member of Informs/EURO?
      • Yes, we pay for Informs, but it is not much. We can apply for grants.
    • Mutually accepted

III.   Suggestions from Members

  • Dario: Should we open op for more Data Science and Machine Learning member?
    • Informs include other data scientists
    • We should think about it in our advertisement, because we have ‘Operations Research’ in our name
    • Reach out to companies that use data science, artificial intelligence, etc.
    • We could consider to be more active on Meetup
    • Demonstrate some of our applications

IV.   Member Fee

The current members fees are:

  • DKK 270,- for private members
  • DKK 0,- for student members
  • DKK 1800,- for institutes
  • DKK 3200,- for companies

It was mutually agreed to let the fees remain unchanged.

V.    New Board

The current board is:

  • Dario Pacino, treasurer. Up for election and running
  • Michael Lindahl, president. Up for election and stepping out
  • Camilla Hald Jacobsen. Stepping out
  • Niels-Christian Fink Bagger, secretary. Stepping out
  • Julia Pahl. Up for election and running
  • Jonas Ahmt. Up for election and stepping out
  • Line Blander Reinhardt. Not up for election
  • Michael Berliner Pedersen. Not up for election
  • Stephen Hall. Not up for election

There was a question about the workload. The different board members went through some of the tasks and responsibilities.

The members that were interested in running, each presented themselves.

The new board:

  • Nicolai Idél
  • Richard Oberdieck
  • Jonas Christensen
  • Dario Pacino
  • Julia Pahl
  • Line Blander Reinhardt
  • Michael Berliner Pedersen
  • Stephen Hall

VI.   Accounting

We currently use PS-J Consulting. It was suggested to keep this accountant. It was mutually agreed to keep the accountant.

NOTE: the accounting report was erroneously presented without the approval of the accountant. After the meeting, the accountant approved the report and all the members were asked to approve it through email communication. The report was approved.


Question: Should ORbit just be online?

Answer: This is something for the new board to discuss and decide.

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