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How the board work

The easiest way to have an impact on DORS is by joining the board. The board aims at being just as diverse as our members and include members from academia and the industry as well as students to experienced professionals.dorsboard-2

The board is the leading body that both set the direction of DORS and execute our strategy of advancing research and applications of operations research in Denmark. This is done through our events, mailing list and of course our member magazine ORbit.
The board consists of up to 8 members and have board meetings every second month where we exchange ideas and decide what should be accomplished in the near future. Some of the larger tasks are planning the Applications of Optimization conference. This includes to find and book a location, find speakers and promote the event to the rest of our members. Other tasks include promoting DORS to students and being in contact with the international organization EURO.


Joining the DORS board is a great way to extend you network within the operations research community as we have a lot of contact with people from the many different companies and institutions that are a member of our organization. It is also a good way to develop your management skills by being responsible of running an organization with many members and plan and execute events. There is always a skype connection to the board meetings so it is possible to be involved no matter where you are located.
DORS is only as good as the effort we put into it, and the more members who want to contribute to our organization the more the organization can contribute to our members.

So if you want to help promote operations research, build a great network and improve your organizational skills, then join the DORS Board at the next general assembly!


The annual cycle of work for DORS

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