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Welcome to DORS

These pages are written and maintained by the Danish Operations Research Society (DORS).

The purpose of DORS is to facilitate the research within and application of operations research methods in Denmark as well as to facilitate contact between similar associations and organizations.

In short, operations research (OR) is scientific approach to solving complex problems. A more in-depth description of OR can be read here (in Danish).

DORS has existed since 1962 and today consists of:



DORS is a network organization for anyone with an interest in OR.



DORS is a link between research and industry and international OR organizations.



DORS connects companies with graduates, students and researchers wihtin OR.

You can read more about DORS and what we offer our members here (in Danish). If you have questions or comments to DORS or operations research in general, please feel free to contact us. The e-mail address of our secretariat is:

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