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Summary of General Assembly March 31, 2017

1. Choice of minute taker
Jonas Ahmt
2. Choice of chairman
Michael Lindahl
3. Presentation of the President’s annual report
By President, Michael Lindahl.
The annual report was approved.
4. Presentation of the financial report
By Treasurer, Simon Kristiansen.
The financial report was approved.
5. Suggestions from members
None were received
6. Membership prices
Will continue unchanged:
Normal member: 270 DKK
Student member: 0 DKK
Company: 3200 DKK
Institute: 1800 DKK
7. Choice of members to the board
Re-elected: Niels-Christian Fink Bagger and Dario Pacino
Opted out of re-election: Simon Kristiansen
New members of the board: Camilla Hald Jacobsen, Michael Berliner, Line Blander Reinhardt
New alternate: Stephen Hall
Not up for election this term (continuing board): Michael Lindahl, Julia Pahl, Jonas Ahmt
8. Choice of accountant
Continuation of current accountant, Peter Sølling-Jørgensen.
9. AOB
Discussions on website:
  • Migration to new technology last year due to instability and old technologies
  • Does not currently work fully due to multiple hacking attempts, starting February 2017
  • Professional will be hired to take care of website

Suggestions for more collaboration with Nordic countries.

10. Constituting board meeting

President: Michael Lindahl

Treasurer: Dario Pacino

Secretary: Niels-Christian Fink Bagger

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