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AOO 2016

Venue: Industriens Hus — May 3rd, 2016
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  • Anders Dohn & Tor Justesen
    Managing Partner / Principal – Copenhagen Optimization
    Changing the world of airport planning
  • Geir Hasle
    Chief Scientist – SINTEF
    Stuck between a rock and a hard place
    – The pleasures of practicing OR in a contract research organization

  • Karsten Nygaard Henriksen
    Decision Scientist, Co-founder – QAMPO
    Planning psychiatric patient flows: Gains and challenges
  • Claudia Billing
    Group Procurement Analyst – ISS
    Fleet Asset Utilization: An unsuccessful encounter between operations research and operations
  • Bart van Riessen
    Business Development and Innovation – Europe Container Terminals
    The Cargo Fare Class Mix problem for synchromodal container transportation
  • Francisco Pereira
    Full Professor – Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
    Non-recurrent events in traffic prediction






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